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Comprehensive Hand Services

Hand Surgeons treat tumors of the hand (which are usually benign), ganglion cysts, finger contractures, birth defects such as webbed fingers, degenerative conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and hand trauma. 

Hand trauma is common, and surgery includes repair of bones, tendons, nerves, and grafting of burns. Outpatient surgery is common for hand problems, and physical and occupational therapists help complete the recovery.
Our hand therapist are part of a state of the art hand therapy program who work closely with our hand surgeons. The hand surgeons are: multi-specialist in hand surgery including plastic surgeons, hand surgeon, and orthopedic surgeons.
Now - 24 hour hand coverage for hand injuries at MGH

Dr. Peimer
UP Health System - Marquette Surgical Specialists 
Peninsula Medical Center
1414 W. Fair Avenue Suite 249
Marquette, MI 49855 

UP Health System - Bell
Ph: 906-485-2261
Fx: 906-485-2506

Hand surgeons and therapists work together to provide the very best in surgical and non-surgical evaluation and treatment options. And because you may never know when a hand injury may occur, UP Health System - Marquette Hand Surgery offers 24-hour hand injury coverage.

Hand surgery is a very specialized field of medicine that combines the precise skills of both orthopedic and plastic surgeons. Our team of hand surgeons provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive surgical techniques for conditions of the hand, including degenerative issues, traumatic injury and birth defects.

The most common conditions treated by a hand surgeon include:

• Tumors of the hand
• Ganglion cysts
• Finger contractures
• Congenital deformities
• Carpal tunnel
• Tendonitis, tennis elbow
• Rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis
• Joint injuries and replacement
• Traumatic lacerations
• Amputations
• Burns

For more information on hand surgery services at UP Health System - Marquette call 1-800-628-3333.


Hand therapy addresses injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Therapists have extensive, specialized training in treating upper extremity conditions.

Our hand therapy program works to achieve the maximum return of function for patients. To do this, our therapists will guide individuals through the evaluation, treatment and discharge process while coordinating and communicating their care with their referring physician.

Therapists are specialized in treating numerous conditions including:

• Traumatic injuries
• Sports injuries
• Fractures and dislocations
• Tennis & Golfer's elbow
• DeQuervain's & other tendonitis conditions
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Thoracic outlet syndrome
• Other nerve entrapment disorders
• Repetitive motion syndromes
• Amputations
• Burns and frostbite
• Arthritis
• Tendon lacerations
• Dupuytren's Contracture
• Reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome

For more information on hand therapy

services at UP Health System - Marquette, contact one of their locations below:


  • UP Health System - Marquette
    Ph: 906-225-4849
    Fx: 906-225-6710​
  • MARQUETTE | Peninsula Medical Center, Ste. 249
    Ph: 906-225-3333
    Fx: 906-225-3788
  • ISHPEMING | UP Health System - Bell 
    Ph: 906-485-2261
    Fx: 906-485-2506
  • ESCANABA | Doctors Park Rehab
    Ph: 906-789-2639
    Fx: 906-789-3764
  • L’ANSE Hand Therapy | Baraga County Memorial Hospital
    Ph: 906-524-3445   Fx: 906-524-3408

Hand Therapists are now treating patients in Marquette, Escanaba, Negaunee and Baraga. Dr. Peimer and his team address injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Dr. Peimer can be reached in Suite 249 in the Peninsula Medical Center at 906-225-3333. 

The hand therapists can be reached at:

  • 906-225-4849 (Marquette)
  • 906-485-2261 (Ishpeming)
  • 906-789-2639 (Escanaba)
  • 906-475-6441 (Negaunee)
  • 906-524-3445 (L’Anse)