Pediatric therapy

Specialized, Experienced, and Individualized Care for your Child.
Childhood is a time of rapid growth – physically, cognitively and social-emotionally. From the time children enter this world until they are grown, their successes in these areas support their long-term successes in home, community and school. It is important for children to have success as they learn to communicate, use their muscles and body, learn to take care of themselves with age-appropriate tasks, make friends and cope with family schedules and routines, problem solve, learn and play. When children struggle with language, coordination, socialization and/or other factors, childhood for the child and parent unfortunately often becomes stressful. Our therapies can help correct a small problem before it becomes a larger one. We can help children of different abilities to learn to live more independent and meaningful lives. Our clinic believes all children deserve the chance to be successful.

Our therapists have advanced training, certifications and experience that are not readily available in other facilities locally. Our comfortable pediatric-family-friendly clinic focuses on your child as an individual, working in intensive, one-to-one sessions with your child and family to help you reach their goals. Our therapies focus on identifying the underlying cause of a child’s difficulties and treating not only the cause but the symptoms as well. We will help your child find their strengths and support them to overcome their obstacles.

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