Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit Referral

How to Make a Referral 

Pre-admission screening:

Every referral we receive is given consideration. Every admission decision is made on a number of factors and reviewed on an individual basis.

Patients can be admitted to Inpatient Rehabilitation from home, a hospital, or other type of facility. Every referral will receive an evaluation by a Clinical Liaison to determine if the patient may benefit from an intensive rehabilitation program and the patient will be discussed with the Program Director and the Medical Director. The Medical Director is responsible for authorizing a patient’s admission to the inpatient rehabilitation unit. There is no charge for this evaluation.

Medical information needed:

  1. Demographics
  2. History and physical (H&P)
  3. Physician progress notes
  4. Consultation notes
  5. Nursing assessments / vital signs
  6. Therapy initial evaluations and treatment notes
  7. Laboratory / radiological / operative reports
  8. Medication record

Financial information:

Inpatient rehabilitation accepts most types of insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid (some require preauthorization).

To make a referral please fax to 906.449.1923 or contact a clinical liaison at 906.235.7165. If you do not receive a return call within 24 hours please contact the nursing desk at 906.449.3800.