IRU Patient Guidebook 

What to expect:

When you arrive at UPHS - Marquette, you’ll be greeted and admitted to the rehab unit and provided an orientation. The rehabilitation physician will review your case to determine which interdisciplinary team members should be involved in your care, and each member of this team will then perform an evaluation. We encourage you to participate in setting the goals that will be incorporated into your individualized plan of care. Daily treatment sessions are scheduled based on your specific needs.

You’ll be preparing to return to your daily routines, so you’ll wear street clothes during the day. The skills you’ve learned during therapy sessions are practiced throughout the day with your rehabilitation team. We invite your family and caregivers to participate in the rehabilitation process and will arrange family training sessions as needed. Since optimal results depend on your full participation in your rehabilitation program, we recommend that visitors come for brief periods in the evening or on weekends. If medically necessary, your doctor may order visitation restrictions.

 What to bring:

Patients are advised to bring the following personal items: Comfortable clothing (jogging suits, house dresses, pants, loose-fitting shirts, knit tops, etc.) Robe and nightclothes, coat or sweater, socks and underwear, low-heeled, comfortable shoes, toiletries and cosmetics, special shoes, braces or other walking devices. Dentures, hearing aids, glasses, etc. The items should ideally be labeled. Other valuables, especially money or jewelry, are best left at home.

To help ease the transition from the rehabilitation unit back to your community, your case coordinator will begin to discuss discharge planning early in your stay. A nurse case manager or social worker will help you with your needs, including arranging for family and/or caregiver training to facilitate a seamless transition back to your daily routines. This includes ordering any special equipment you need and providing you with referrals to home care, outpatient therapy or community services.

 Team Conferences

Team conferences are held within the first week of admission to develop an initial program plan. Team conferences will then occur every week to assess progress. The progress and goals are communicated with the patient and family. When it is time to be discharged from the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, the team will meet once again to determine final recommendations and review with the patient and family.

Family/Caregiver Involvement

Families and caregivers are highly encouraged to participate in therapy sessions. Family/caregiver involvement is critical to the patient's success upon leaving the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.

Average Length of Stay 

The average length of stay for Inpatient Rehabilitation is 12 days. Length of stay is determined by a number of factors; including the ability of the patient to participate in therapy sessions, the potential to make significant improvement, and support available upon discharge. Your tentative length of stay will be decided after your initial team conference meeting with therapy, nursing, social worker, dietician, and physiatrist.

To make a referral please fax to 906.449.1923 or contact a clinical liaison at 906.235.7165. If you do not receive a return call within 24 hours please contact the nursing desk at 906.449.3800.