Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center

The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center is a collaboration between UP Health System - Marquette, a Duke LifePoint Hospital and Northern Michigan University. It exists to train the next generation of research and medical professionals, while improving patient outcomes by better understanding how brain cancer works.

Improving patient outcomes

The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center (UMBTC) works to better understand how glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) works in the human brain. Students are able to create their own research projects, or work with NMU faculty. Understanding the "how" of brain cancer is the key to creating less invasive and more effective treatments for GBM patients. In addition to research in the lab, students are involved with Students for the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center - a student organization that advocates on behalf of cancer patients and their families through fundraisers, volunteering, and the ChemoCare basket program. 

Hands-on experience

The UMBTC aims to provide motivated undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work in a nationally-recognized research center. Students graduate from NMU and are able to work alongside researchers around the country with ease, continue on to PhD programs, or excel in medical school. 

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