Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Welcome to UP Health System - Marquette Outpatient Behavioral Health. These services include:

  • Assessment of a wide range of mental health and alcohol/drug concerns
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management services
  • Individual Psychotherapy and counseling
  • Family, Marital, and Group psychotherapy/counseling
  • Psychological Testing and evaluation
  • Psychoeducation about a variety of Behavioral Health issues
In order to serve you better, we would like to acquaint you with our policies and procedures.  If you have any questions, you are encouraged to ask one of our staff at any time.

Important Information For Our Patients


Services at our clinic are confidential.  Information about your services will be released only with your consent, and for the purposes of coordination of care with other providers or agencies, such as your primary care physician or other referral source (e.g. schools, social service agencies, courts, etc.), and for billing purposes.  However, there are certain legal limits to confidentiality of which we would like to make you aware.  We are legally obligated to release information if any of the following circumstances occur:
  • Your clinician feels that you are likely to harm yourself or someone else
  • Reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect exists
  • Reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of vulnerable or disabled adults exists
  • Your record is court-ordered as part of a legal proceeding
  • You commit a crime at our office or against one of our staff members

Behavioral Health services are most likely to be of benefit to you if you keep your appointments and work actively with your clinician(s) to achieve your treatment goals.  Moreover, our ability to serve other patients is hampered by patient cancellations and failures to show for scheduled appointments.  Should you need to cancel an appointment, please give one business day’s notice, and preferably longer if possible.  If you are having problems with consistent attendance, please discuss these with your clinician.

Upon the third occurrence of a cancellation without sufficient notice and/or failure to show for a scheduled appointment, your clinician may decline to offer you additional appointments.  It is not possible to make progress on treatment goals without your attendance. 


We participate with most, but not all, insurance companies.  Prior to your initial appointment, we verify your insurance benefits, and will inform you at your first appointment of the level of coverage your policy has for our services.  If your insurance changes or you have a secondary insurance policy, it is very important that you inform us immediately so that we can correctly process your claims.  We will bill your insurance company for your services as a courtesy; you are ultimately responsible, however, for the payment of your bill.

Payment of patient co-pays and deductibles is expected in full at the time of service.  In the case of Master Medical insurance plans, payment in full is expected at the time of service.  In such cases, you should receive a check from your insurance company for their portion of the charges within approximately two weeks.
You can make your payments by check, credit card, or cash, and will be routinely asked to do so at each visit.  If your child or adolescent is receiving services while you are not present, please make sure that payment for their services is addressed at the time of service.

If you become behind in your account, our billing representatives will assist you in making a payment plan for your portion of your bill.  However, should you fail to make payments on your bill we have the right to discharge your from our care, and will assist you in locating care with another provider.
Should you have questions about your bill or need assistance, please contact the Central Billing Office at 906.449.1200, or call one of our Patient Accounts Representatives at 906.225.4533.


If you need a refill of your medication 48 hours prior to your next appointment at the clinic, please contact your pharmacy. 
If you have not been seen recently in our clinic, your doctor may decline to refill a prescription request until you have been seen at an office visit.  If that occurs, you will be notified of that decision.


During normal business hours, please contact our clinic directly should you be experiencing a clinical emergency.  During evenings and weekends, please Dial Help, the 24/7 Confidential Crisis Line at 800.562.7622 or 906.482.4357. If necessary, you can also go to your local emergency department.


We do attempt to equip our waiting rooms with toys and books suitable for children.  However, please do not leave your children unattended in our waiting room.   We cannot be responsible for the supervision of unattended children in the waiting room.


Should you have a complaint about services at our clinic, please feel free to address that with your clinician or one of our staff members.  You may also discuss your concerns with a Clinic Supervisor or Director.

Robert C. Neldberg Building, Sixth Floor
580 W. College Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855

(906) 449-1600

Hours of Operation:

Monday - 8 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday & Wednesday -  8 AM to 6 PM
Thursday and Friday  -  7 AM to 5 PM

Scheduling an Appointment

Appointments require a referral from your primary care physician. Contact your primary care physician to request that a referral be sent to UP Health System - Marquette Behavioral Health Services - Outpatient. Once we have received the referral from your physician, it will be reviewed and we will contact you to schedule the appointment. Please note that this process can take several weeks.
Contact us at (906) 449-1600 or 1 (800) 562-9753, ext. 1600.