Nutrition Counseling

The Department of Nutrition and Wellness offers outpatient nutrition counseling by registered dietitians in Marquette and Escanaba.  Nutrition counseling includes the evaluation and assessment of your nutritional needs, development of a nutritional plan with goals and education for you and family members. Nutrition counseling covers a wide range of dietary needs and can help to improve your long term health.

Please call us at 906.449.3460, or 1.800.562.9753 ext. 3221, to see if an appointment is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a registered dietitian help me?

A register dietitian is trained in the field of nutrition and is kept up to date through continuing education. A registered dietitian can provide teaching on an individual or group basis on a variety of topics. Topics include, but are not limited to, diabetes and diet, lowering cholesterol, weight management, digestive diseases and diet and disordered eating.

How do I set up an appointment?

You do not need a doctors referral to make an appointment. Simply call us at 906.449.3460 or 1.800.562.9753 ext. 3221 and ask to set up an appointment.

Does insurance cover me to see a registered dietitian?

Insurance does not usually cover nutrition counseling. To learn more, contact your provider and ask prior to your appointment. If cost is an issue for you, let us know and special arrangements can be made.

What should I bring to my appointment?

You should keep a food diary for 1-3 days and bring this with you to your appointment. A food diary should contain the times you eat, what you eat, and the amounts. The diary will help the dietitian determine the best meal plan for you. You may also want to bring any family members who help with shopping or cooking along.

Will I have to come see the Registered Dietitian more than once?

Follow-up appointments are set up on an as needed basis. Some patients require many visits to help with diet changes, others feel confident after one visit. It depends on each individual and the type of diet being taught.