Corporate Wellness

Stress, a sedentary American lifestyle and the drastic change in eating habits to more convenience and processed foods are increasing in our culture. These changes have a negative effect on our health and are linked to risks such as:

    •    Diabetes
    •    Cardiovascular disease
    •    High blood pressure
    •    Obesity


The first step in improving health involves knowledge of our individual health risks for the development of these diseases.


Employee wellness has been shown to:

    •    Improve employee productivity
    •    Boost morale
    •    Reduce stress
    •    Decrease employee absenteeism 
    •   Potentially decrease healthcare costs



Our programs are designed to meet the goals of your company. Your package can include individual/group sessions with a Registered Dietitian and/or Certified Personal Trainer to learn more about nutrition and exercise. We are flexible and work with each individual company to design a personal program.


On-site Programs
Health Screenings
Exercise Programs
Metabolic Measurements

Health Screens

Screens can be included in your program or provided as a one time service. They include:

    •   Body mass index (BMI)           
    •   Blood pressure
    •   Total cholesterol
    •   Blood sugar
    •   Weight check
    •   Body fat assessment

    •  Waist-to-hip ratio