Deciding to Participate in a Research Trial

The decision to participate in research belongs to you the patient. There are many reasons for participating in a clinical study (trial). Some people participate because there are no standard treatments available for them or the treatment they tried didn’t work. Others participate because they want to help advance medical knowledge.

Pros and Cons to Participating in Clinical Research:

            Some reasons to participate:

  1. Play an active role in your own care plan.
  2. Gain access to new research treatment before they are widely available.
  3. Help others by contributing to medical research.
  4. You may get closer monitoring. This is a plus for many people who have fears and concerns that can be reduced by frequent checkups and conversations with doctors and nurses.

Some reasons you may decide not to participate:

  1. In terms of effectiveness and side effects new treatments being studied are not always better than or even as good as standard of care.
  2. The study may require more time and attention than not participating in the study, including trips to the study site.
  3. The experimental treatment may not be helpful for participants.

For more information, please contact Jodi Nease, Interim Director of Clinical Research, at 906.225.4787, or e-mail