LifePoint invests $1.9 million in new UPHS – Marquette cath lab

January 31, 2017

UP Health System – Marquette has completed installation of a new, $1.9 million catheterization laboratory (cath lab) made possible through an investment from Duke LifePoint Healthcare. 

At the heart of the lab is an Innova IGS 530 by GE Healthcare. This state-of-the-art technology for cardiovascular and interventional imaging will enable the hospital to perform cardiac catheterizations to quickly diagnose a number of heart conditions and immediately begin treatment. Along with the new equipment came a complete update of the room around it, including movable storage cabinets, piping, gas, HVAC, and an extensive remodel. 

Director Bob Kroll explains that “the technology is truly extraordinary, but it’s also the space we’re working in. We’re creating a more flexible environment where the care can be fitted and adapted to the patient’s needs.”

The process of cardiac catheterization entails a long, thin tube called a catheter which is inserted into an artery and threaded through blood vessels to the heart. Physicians can then diagnose and treat complex conditions of the heart and perform life-saving procedures. 

The GE Innova 530 machine boasts a number of technological advancements that reduce patient exposure to radiation and provide highly-detailed imagery with full-color on 50-inch displays. This advanced technology will assist the UPHS – Marquette Heart & Vascular team in diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the heart. 

“Both our interventional cardiologists and our electrophysiologists can use it. There’s extraordinary hybridity and flexibility, here,” Kroll said.

Dr. Kris Dosh, interventional cardiologist at UP Health System – Marquette, said “It’s been a pleasure working in the new cath lab. As technology develops, correspondingly, so does the scope of what we are able to do. That results in saving lives in our community.” 

UP Health System – Marquette Heart & Vascular Cath Lab Technicians underwent extensive training at GE headquarters to become experts on the equipment in December 2016. On-site training of both staff and physicians by GE also occurred in December with the first procedures being successfully completed on December 21st.

Kroll added, “our local contractors helped us meet all of our deadlines on this project, which is greatly appreciated.”

A second cath lab will be completed in March 2017, thanks to an additional investment from Duke LifePoint of $1.3 million.

With the new technology, the Heart & Vascular team at UP Health System – Marquette has been able to expand its services to the community, adding cutting-edge procedures such as the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and Watchman left-atrial appendage closure device implant in 2016. 

After the completed construction of the new $300 million UP Health System – Marquette hospital in fall 2018, the updated cath labs will be moved and fitted to the new facility.