Cervical Disc Replacement Clinically Shown to Preserve Neck Mobility and Shorten Recovery Time

September 21, 2021

The Brain & Spine Center at UP Health System – Marquette is home to the region’s leaders in treating injuries and diseases of the brain and spine. Neurosurgeon, Dr. Andrew Look, offers a surgical option new to the Brain & Spine Center: cervical disc replacement. This specialized surgery is clinically shown to improve patient outcomes for qualifying patients suffering from symptoms like chronic neck pain.

The cervical spine is made of up several bones – or vertebrae – and discs that allow the neck and spine to absorb shock while retaining the ability to move freely. When one or more of these discs are damaged, it can put pressure on the nerves around the spine. This condition, commonly referred to as a “pinched nerve,” causes symptoms such as pain, numbness, or weakness. Some also experience arm pain or weakness.

Andrew Look, MD
Andrew Look, MD

Cervical disc replacement, or total disc arthroplasty, aims to replace diseased or damaged discs in this critical area of the spine – while preserving range of motion in the neck. This procedure is usually recommended when symptoms do not respond to nonsurgical treatment options. Other surgical options, such as spinal fusion surgery, can have longer recovery times or can greatly limit mobility in the spine or neck.

For qualifying patients who are eager to return to their active lives free from chronic pain, this surgery offers a minimally invasive treatment option with a significantly shorter recovery time compared to other surgical options. Typically, patients have a single overnight stay, with some being able to be discharged the same day as the surgery.

“The greatest benefit of this procedure, apart from the shorter recovery time, is being able to preserve as much range of motion in the neck as possible. Our goal is to get patients back to being active so that they can return to their usual activities and enjoy life,” said Dr. Look.

As a verified Level II Trauma Center, UP Health System – Marquette is prepared to treat complex surgical cases. “All of our surgeons, regardless of specialty, are always eager to use effective technology and advanced treatment options to improve patient care right here close to home,” said Gar Atchison, CEO of UP Health System – Marquette and Market President of UP Health System.

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