MCA Standing Committees

Protocols Committee:
The Protocols Committee consists of individuals from all EMS levels, including nursing representatives from the Emergency Departments. The Protocols Committee develops, reviews, and revises all Marquette Alger County EMS protocols and procedures. This committee actively seeks membership from any interested parties.

Professional Standards Review Organization:
This highly structured committee oversees the Quality Assurance activities, including run sheet reviews and arising issues regarding patient care. All agencies are required to submit copies of their Patient Run Sheets to the Medical Control Authority for review. 

Communications Committee:
The Communications Committee addresses all interagency communication issues, including the MedCom requirements. This committee reviews the purchase of all radios, pagers, and hospital communication systems. This committee also has representation on the Marquette County Central Dispatch Policy Board. 

Pharmacy Committee:
The Pharmacy Committee is responsible for any medications provided by licensed EMS agencies in Marquette and Alger Counties. The committee approves the use, security, and documentation of all Advanced Life Support (ALS) medications that are carried, as well as the Epi-Pen and Albuterol programs for non-ALS services in Marquette County. Hospital pharmacies are consulted regularly when pharmaceutical issues arise.

Training Committee:
The Training Committee assesses the educational needs of the EMS providers in the county. This committee was previously responsible for approving all EMS courses conducted within the county, to assure consistent and quality training, however the updated MDCIS On-Site Review process has taken over this role. Notification of training programs must be submitted to the Marquette County EMS Medical Control Authority as required by the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services Bureau of Health Systems – EMS Educational Programs. This allows the Medical Control Authority to assure that adequate and effective training is available in the region. This committee will still be required to assure training is available for EMS providers in the region, as well as ongoing education availability.

Operations and Interagency Relations Committee:

This committee addresses all issues that arise between EMS life support agencies and/or the participating hospitals that have been unresolved at the EMS service/agency level. The committee meets on an as-needed basis to review any concerns raised in Marquette County.