Infusion Services

Infusion Services

UP Health System – Marquette Infusion services offers non-urgent infusion treatments.  We are located in the Cancer Center Suite 10, 1st floor of the Medical Office Building attached to the hospital.

Our hours of operation are 8am – 4:30pm Monday through Friday.  We offer a variety of infusion services including blood, blood products, immune globulins, bisphosphonates and monoclonal antibodies.  Only physicians who have current privilege with the UPHS – Marquette may refer patients for treatment. 

Prior Authorization from Insurance Provider

Prior authorization from the patients insurance company may also be required and is the responsibility of the ordering provider to obtain authorization or confirm it’s not required.  Many specialty drugs will require authorization through commercial insurances.  Medicare requirements follow medical policies which may include additional steps to show medical need including, but not limited to, laboratory values.  UPHP/Medicaid policies mostly require prior authorization. 

Authorization must be attempted even if the drug was approved without an authorization previously as medical policies change, particularly after the new year.

Prior Authorization from the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Note that some medications require authorization from the manufacturer in order to obtain the medication.  This is different from an insurance authorization.  The requirements are mandated by the Food and Drug Administration as ongoing post-marketing safety assessments referred to as Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS).  For additional information on REMS programs, please refer to the FDA website

Examples of these medications include

We understand arranging outpatient infusion services for your patients can be time-consuming and would like to ensure this process is carried out in an efficient manner that ensure safety of the patient.  Please review the reference tool to ensure you have all required elements prior to faxing 906-449-1932. 

Once all information is sent, please contact Infusion Services Scheduling at 906-449-3900 Opt 1, then Opt 2.  Please leave a message with the patient name and DOB you are scheduling.  We will call you with any further questions and will reach out directly to the patient to schedule once all required documents are received.