At UP Health System - Marquette, we put patient care first. We know that every patient is a valuable member of the community that we serve. View our patient testimonials below, where you can hear firsthand accounts of the quality care you will receive at UP Health System - Marquette.

Losing Pounds and Gaining Life
"I feel fantastic. I know a lot of friends who would really benefit from joining something like this. I can’t recommend it enough."
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Robotic-Assisted Surgery, Human-Driven Recovery
"I would recommend this procedure to anyone who might be experiencing something like what I went through. Dr. Sternschuss and Ms. Dehority really know what they're doing."
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An Unexpected Trip to the ER
When Rachael and Jonas' daughter had a severe allergic reaction, they were thankful to be able to count on emergency care close to home. “As scary as this experience was, it has taught me that if an emergency like this happens again, high-quality care will be readily available at UPHS – Marquette,” said Rachael.
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Retired Paramedic's Personal ER Visit
Bruce, retired paramedic, is no stranger to responding to medical emergencies. But when Bruce found himself in the ER in July, he was reminded just how important it was to have high-quality emergency care locally.
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Diane never gave up. So her cancer did.
“My quality of care was excellent,” she says. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else, and I actually filled out my application to work here (at UPHS – Marquette Hematology/Oncology) while I was getting a chemo treatment.”  It wasn’t long after that she was part of the cancer care team.
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A New Start for the Heart
"I can't believe how I feel. Before the surgery I couldn't lay down without becoming short on air. Now I feel great. It's unbelievable what they've done for me. They gave me many more years."
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Back to the Races
"I went head-over-heels and felt a pop in my hamstring... I was able to have surgery in March and was able to complete the Leadville 100 in August." 
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Spinal Care, Close to Home
"Dr. Coccia had an extremely strong command of all the medical issues related to my back. I've known a bunch of surgeons over the years and Dr. Coccia is the real deal."
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Against the Odds
"I remember arriving at Black Rocks to go swimming. The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital a week later."
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Going the Distance 
At age 40, today Dan has an athletic build that could easily be the envy of men decades younger. But at the time of his surgery in May of 2014, Dan's health was failing fast - primarily due to his weighing 360 pounds. 
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Turning the Page on a Cancer Diagnosis 
Despite having a history of heart issues (bypass surgery and pacemaker), Frank was relatively healthy. It was during routine health testing that his family physician, UP Health System Portage’s Dr. William Anderson, Sr., suspected an abnormality in Frank’s blood work.
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Surgery After Stroke Saves Negaunee Teen 
"I remember a nurse talking to me and braiding my hair, even though she didn't know I could hear her or see her... All the nurses talk to me as if I could hear them." 
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Finding Her Footing 
A debilitating arthritic ankle was slowing Carlyn down. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Zachary Leonard helped her get back on her feet. 
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Renewed Hope for the Future 
"Some people might think you have to leave the area to have the type of open heart surgery that I required. But that isn't true." 
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The Quick Road to Recovery 
"If I want to be engaged with my kids and my husband, and having fun, I've got to be able to move. Being out of pain and getting my hip replaced was a no-brainer. I had my hip replaced on Monday and was back to work the next Monday." 
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