Launch Medlio from Smart Phone

Registration on Medlio

  • On accessing this icon, the Medlio sign-on screen comes up and you are able to sign on:
  • This is the login information that you registered on the Medlio app
  • Once you press “SUBMIT,” you will get the following notification page.  Now you need to go to your email and find the link.
  • Click on the link to verify your email
  • Once you do that, you can login from your phone and get the following screen
  • If you press the myRECORDS selection, it will prompt you to set up your provider.
  • Type ‘Marquette’ in the search field and select  ‘UP HEALTH SYSTEM MARQUETTE’
  • Enter FHIR login information with Allscripts Health Connect
  • Pressing the ‘Allow’ button will cause AHC to connect with Medlio and allow Medlio to access your patient data
  • Viewing data in Medlio

  • Once the data is retrieved, it can be viewed under myRECORDS
  • Under myRECORDS you can drill down to view detailed information
  • The data from Provider is view only data and you cannot make any edits.
  • You can enter additional data which is editable data that is stored in Medlio- not in the Paragon application.