Executive Team 

Gar Atchison
Chief Executive Officer

Wael Khouli, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Steven Salyer
Chief Operating Officer

Sherry Henderson
Chief Financial Officer

Robin Waters, RN, NEBC
Director of Nursing, Interim CNO

Board of Trustees

John Bartlett, MD, Chair
Gar Atchison, CEO, Secretary
Jerry Napier, MD, Vice-Chair
Craig Coccia, MD, Chief of Staff
Dan Greenlee, Trustee
Christine Greer, Trustee
Gary LaPlant, Trustee
William Short, MD, Trustee
MaryAnne Shannon, PhD, RN, Trustee
Linda Sutton, MD, Trustee
Judy Watson-Olson, Trustee
Tami Savoy, Trustee
Dave Manson, Trustee