The Blueprint 4 Health Center (B4HC) is a child and adolescent weight management program designed to provide health improvement for children and adolescents, up to 18 years old, and their families through nutrition and exercise education. Our team of health professionals will design a “blueprint” for optimal healthy living by providing a well-designed plan for nutrition, exercise and motivational coaching under the direction of a physician.

We accept physician, school nurse, community health and self-referrals.

All insurances are accepted.

The Blueprint 4 Health Center is located in the Specialty Clinic on the 6th floor of the North Wing at UP Health System - Marquette

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Aside from keeping your body fueled with healthy calories, there are a few other things you can do to make your workouts better:

Avoid exercising on an empty stomach. Eating before your workout will ensure your body has the fuel it needs for stamina, endurance and performance.

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About the Blueprint 4 Health Center -

Blueprint 4 Health Center accepts all insurances.  You can be referred to us by your physician, school nurse, self or any community resource.  Upon referral to the center, you will receive a packet of information to complete.  This helps us get to know you better and to prepare for your first visit.  Once you return this information (via pre-paid postage envelope), an appointment will be scheduled.  Then, you and your family will have an initial evaluation by a physician, nurse, registered dietitian, counselor/social worker and an exercise specialists.  You will meet with each team member individually and they will help you develop a customized plan, specific to your interests and food preferences.

After your initial visit, you will come back a month later to meet with the physician to review lab work results and to see how your customized plan is working for you.  You and your physician will determine when the best time is for your next appointment which monitor your progress. 

In growing children, progress is measured by changes in your body composition, not weight loss.

Our clinic utilizes a BIA body composition scale for children 10 years and older.  This is a very specialized scale that gives our team some important information.  A report is generated that analyzes your entire body composition and provides a percentage of Total Body Water, Dry Lean Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass and Fat.  Weight loss in children is difficult to measure because you are still actively growing.  In order to get a true picture of the changes going on within your body, the team can see the percentage of fat decreasing and the lean body mass and skeletal muscles mass percentage increasing.  A regular scale may only tell you that you lost a few pounds, which can be discouraging when you are working hard dieting and exercising, but the BIA scale will tell a different story.  One reason we rely on the BIA report is because muscle mass weighs more than fat.  Seeing these changes on paper can be very encouraging!  The BIA machine is used every six months.

Services include:
• a multidisciplinary medical,behavioral, nutritional and fitness assessment
• management
• follow-up

The evaluation team:
• physician
• health/child psychologist
• registered dietitian
• exercise specialist

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Partner Address Contact Information
UP Health System - Marquette

UP Health System - Marquette
580 W. College Ave.
Marquette, MI 49855

Phone: (906) 228-9440

UP Health System - Marquette

YMCA of Marquette County
YMCA of Marquette County
1420 Pine St.
Marquette MI 49855

Phone: 906-227-9622
Fax:     906-227-9248

YMCA of Marquette County

UP Health System - Bell 901 Lakeshore Drive
Ishpeming, MI 49849


UPHS - Bell

Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI


Northern Michigan University

UP Health System - Marquette Weight Loss Center

UP Health System - Marquette
580 W. College Ave.
Marquette, MI 49855


UPHSM Nutrition, Wellness and Diabetes Education UP Health System - Marquette
580 W. College Ave.
Marquette, MI 49855

906-225-3221 or
1-800-562-9753, ext. 3221

Advantedge Training 1007 Harbor Hills Drive
Marquette, MI

Advantedge Training

(906) 226-3555

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Dr. John P. Bartlett, MD

A native of Gladstone, Dr. Bartlett has made his home in Marquette for the past seven years.  He is a graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, and completed a residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Spectrum Health Center in Grand Rapids, MI.  He is a partner at Marquette Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and was elected as Chief of Staff of Marquette General Hospital in January of 2009.
Dr. Bartlett lives in Marquette with his wife and their three children.  In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, mountain biking, reading, and camping with his family.

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Marquette Internal Medicine Associates, PC
Peninsula Medical Center
1414 W. Fair Avenue, Suite 201
Marquette, MI 49855
Telephone: 906-225-4500 or 1-800-628-3333

Dr. Erica J. Griffin, MD

A Northern Michigan University grad, Dr. Griffin obtained her medical degree from Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine.  She completed her residency in Family Medicine at Racine Family Practice Residency in Wisconsin and is board certified in Family Medicine, specializing in Weight Loss Medicine.   Dr. Griffin also served four years in the United States Air Force and currently practices at the Weight Loss Center at Marquette General Hospital. 
Dr. Griffin is married with twin daughters and enjoys reading, hiking and cross-stitch.

Family Medicine

Marquette General Bariatric & Metabolic Services
580 W College Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855
Telephone: 906-225-7979 or 888-655-7979

Dr. Cindy Anderson

Physician - Marquette Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
Marquette Michigan 49855
(906) 225-4500

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We are all truly excited about the opening of the Blueprint 4 Health Center to serve the needs of children and families in our area. 
The Center is physically located at UP Health System - Marquette Specialty Clinic. 
Phone: 906-225-7396
E-mail: Blueprint 4 Health Support

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