Walking and Balance Center

Helping people regain their mobility and confidence

The UP Health System - Marquette Walking & Balance Center 
580 West College - Marquette 
906-225-4576 1-800-562 9753

Many people falsely believe that frequent falls, a fear of falling, or difficulty getting up out of chair, are just things that happen as we age, and there is nothing to be done to remedy the problem.
At the UP Health System - Marquette Walking & Balance Center, we believe that many people with these symptoms, once connected to the appropriate specialists, can regain much of their lost mobility and confidence.
The Walking & Balance Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of walking and balance issues, particularly in older adults.
The Walking & Balance Center is staffed by experts in the fields of physical medicine & rehabilitation, neurosurgery, neurology, physical therapy and orthotics.
Who can benefit
One third of seniors age 65 and over report some difficulty with balance or walking. Anyone experiencing dizziness, imbalance, or a fear of falling can benefit from the Walking & Balance Center.
The center is suitable for any adult, but specializes in older adults.
Can you or a loved one benefit from the Walking & Balance Center? Ask yourself these questions:
• Are you afraid of falling? 
• Are you staying home instead of going out? 
• Do you have trouble going upstairs, or getting in and out of a car or chair? 
• Do you have any unusual symptoms prior to falling (heart palpitations, visual changes, light-headedness)? 
• Do quick movements of your head increase your problems? 
• Do you have any numbness or tingling in your hands, feet, legs or face? 
• Do you have pain in your hips, knees, back, legs, feet or ankles? 
• Have you had any surgeries on hips, knees, back, legs, feet or ankles? 
• Do you use a cane, walker or wheelchair?

How it works
Simply call 
or toll free 
800-562- 9753
Ask for the Walking and Balance Center.
Our team of experts will insure your experience is efficient and effective.


The typical patient will experience the following:
• In one to two days, you will be contacted by a nurse who will ask important questions designed to determine the history of your problem and any diagnostic tests you have had.
• Based on this initial phone consultation, you may be asked to undergo additional testing such as imaging, lab work or a physical therapy assessment. This pre-appointment preparation will help us make your visit with the doctor more valuable in your journey to better health.
• Your appointment with our walking and balance experts will quickly hone in on a plan to make the best treatment recommendations and referrals. Specialists such as neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery and physical medicine and rehabilitation are ready to provide you priority access to appointments, often within a day or two.
As a Patient, you are the most important member of our team. Our job is not done until you have reached your highest achievable level of function.
The customized examination is designed to diagnose the source of the walking and balance symptoms and lead us to the correct treatment plan.

Supportive Team Members include:
• Physical Therapists
• Orthotists
• Neurologists
• Neurosurgeons
• Orthopedists
• Podiatrists
• Otolaryngologists
• Vascular Specialists
• Sports Medicine
• Psychology
For those patients requiring an overnight stay, inexpensive lodging is offered just two blocks away at the Beacon House.
For more information, please call the Beacon House at 
906-225-7100 or visit www.upbeaconhouse.org.