Nutrition and Medicine


The Nutrition and Medicine committee is comprised of physicians, nurses, registered dietitians, and other health care professionals.  The committee meets monthly to discuss, develop and implement strategies to incorporate nutrition in all aspects of health, wellness, and disease management. 



Dr. Low Dog’s Presentations:


- A Reason to Season: The Role of Spices in Health


- Medicinal and Edible Plants of the Great Lakes Basin


One aspect of the Nutrition and Medicine committee is education for professionals and laypersons.  The information provided in handouts demonstrates how nutrition and medicine are intertwined.  The handouts can be downloaded from this web site under the heading of “Healthy Hints”.  All material is researched, reviewed, and approved by the committee members. 


One example is the handout “Healthy Hints: Nutrition and Inflammation”.  This material addresses how well balanced nutrition can help lessen the body’s inflammatory response.  Inflammation is a natural defense reaction the body creates to protect itself against “disease producing” pathogens, irritants, or damaged cells.  Inflammation is also felt to be a key component of many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, mental health and even erectile dysfunction.   


The anti-inflammatory pyramid displays general food categories that contain key nutrients such as antioxidants, phytochemicals, high quality protein and unsaturated fats.  All may help to improve the body’s inflammatory response. 


The Anti - Inflammatory Pyramid 


*Select nutrient-rich choices from a variety of food groups to expose your body to several different nutrients


*Aim for at least one serving of food from each of the above 9 food groups daily


*The amount of food that is right for you will vary depending on your body’s specific calorie needs


For more information including specific food choices for each section of the pyramid, click on the “Healthy Hints” section found on this web site.



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