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Welcome to Marquette General Health System’s government relations website.

As we watch the U.S. healthcare system undergo reform, a thoughtful approach to what is best for patients underscores our approach to legislation and advocacy.


The central theme of our advocacy effort is a focus on quality and includes the concepts of minimizing waste, improving the health of the people of the Upper Peninsula and Northern Great Lakes Region and changing the way providers are paid:



The U.S. health care system should reward providers who focus on helping their patients get better, not moving patients through the door. This is an approach that focuses on payment for value.



The U.S. health care system should realign incentives to pay providers based on value: superior patient outcomes, safety and service provided at the lowest possible cost.


*   This realignment will help keep patients, rather than money, at the center of every health care decision.


I hope you will visit this site often, as it will be updated on a regular basis, reflecting healthcare changes and our legislative and advocacy agendas.



A. Gary Muller, FACHE



A. Gary Muller, FACHE
President and CEO