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Accountable Care Organization


As healthcare reform unfolds, one certainty is that healthcare costs must be reduced while assuring that high quality is maintained. Medicare and private payers are moving toward a model called an Accountable Care Organization for accomplishing “value based healthcare.”


Superior Health Partners, which Marquette General Health System is an affiliate in partnership with other hospitals and health providers throughout the region, has all the components necessary to build an ACO that will serve the entire Upper Peninsula.


The ACO model relies on partnerships of healthcare providers including physicians, hospitals and others. These partnerships agree to share responsibility for reducing healthcare costs for a defined population of patients while improving quality of care. The ACO model supports and maintains local control of healthcare.


Successful ACOs will be positioned to receive more federal dollars, which will be reinvested for technology and other improvements in patient care. One key opportunity is funding for electronic medical records that can transfer with the patient to multiple healthcare providers. Another is the potential to retain more care in the region and create more healthcare jobs.