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MSU College of Humane Medicine UP Campus 
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Stuart Johnson, DO
Chief Executive Officer &
Community Assistant Dean

Susan Tincknell, BS, C-TAGME
Community Administrator

Tanya Donohue
Finance & Benefits Manager

Tamara Frank
Community Clerkship & Administrative Assistant

Kerry Bonovich
Community Clerkship and Education Assistant

Elizabeth Beckman, BFA
Communications & Marketing Specialist

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine,
Upper Peninsula Region, Researchers

In collaboration with UP Health System – Marquette and Northern Michigan University

Erich Petushek
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Upper Peninsula Region
Research Associate, Northern Michigan University

Dr. Petushek was a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellow and recipient of an NSF GROW fellowship for international collaboration (Oslo, Norway).  He completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Huddersfield in the Applied Cognition & Cognitive Engineering Research Group in collaboration with the English Institute of Sport. His research specializations are in applied expertise, psychological measurement/modeling, implementation/dissemination, biomechanics, and injury/illness prevention. He is founder and lead scientist on the computerized injury prediction skill assessment and outreach project He holds professional certifications through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and USA-Weightlifting. He also has applied experience in Strength & Conditioning with Major League Baseball

B.S. in Exercise Science -  Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
M.S. in Exercise Science - Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI
Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
Postdoc in Applied Cognition and Cognitive Engineering, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK

Michael Stoolmiller
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Upper Peninsula Region
Adjunct professor of Pediatrics, Dartmouth Geisel Medical School
Research Associate, Northern Michigan University, School of Education, Leadership and Public Service.

Dr. Stoolmiller’s research focuses on 2 main areas, improving reading and math skills in early elementary school and the prevention of health risking behavior such as smoking, heavy alcohol use, reckless driving, etc., during adolescence. Within the first area he focuses on identifying classroom instructional techniques through direct classroom observation that predict higher student achievement. Within the second area he focuses on understanding how depictions of risk glorifying behavior in entertainment media such as movies and TV shows influences young teens to engage in health risking behavior. His final area of expertise is in advanced statistical methods and latent variable models for the analysis of longitudinal data.

BA Biology, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI
MA Counseling Psychology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
PhD Educational Psychology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.