Medical Control Authority Board of Directors

2015 Marquette County Medical Control Authority Board of Directors

Mitch Leckelt Bell Hospital Administration
Sandra McGovern Bell Hospital Risk Management
Chad Hewitt Bell Hospital Nursing
vacant UPHSM Administration
Alyson Sundberg UPHSM Risk Management
Mike Phillips UPHSM Nursing
Jeff Green EMS Advisory Board Chairperson
​​Christi Salo, Vice Chairperson Munising Administration
​vacant Munising Risk Mgt
vacant Munising Memorial Nursing

Medical Directors and MACMCA Staff
Michael Mlsna, M.D. - EMS Medical Control Physician Director
Lyn L. Nelson - Marquette Alger County Med Control Authority Director
(906) 225-7410

Marquette County EMS Medical Control Authority History

The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is responsible for designating a medical control authority as the oversight of emergency medical services for a particular geographic region. This comes from Section 20910(g) of Michigan Public Act 179 of 1990. The requirement was met in the early 1980’s with written protocols in place, and an excellent EMS educational program.  Marquette County Medical Control Authority (MCMCA) was recognized by the state on October 19, 1989. At that time, the MCMCA was administered by the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department Emergency Services Division. All original patient care and administrative protocols were submitted for approval and implemented on October 19, 1989.

The MCMCA established their bylaws and selected a format, which included representation from all EMS patient care and support agencies in the county. This remains true today. The bylaws were revised in 1998, and again in the year 2000, as they were reorganized and the MCMCA began to be administered by the two contributing hospitals, Bell Hospital and Marquette General Health System. The bylaws were revised in 2012 with the Duke LifePoint acquistion of Marquette General.  The MCMCA is now recognized in the bylaws as a department within DLP Marquette General.  Bell Hospital continues to contribute to the MCA's operations.

The MCMCA is currently operated by a Board of Directors composed of an Administrator from each hospital, the Risk Manager from each hospital, Emergency Department Nurse Managers from each hospital and the Chairperson of the MCMCA Advisory Board.  The MCMCA Advisory Board has representation from each EMS agency in the county and they also have an Executive Committee elected on an annual basis.  All representatives are appointed by their city or township officials, or company CEO. 
The MCMCA is also has subcommittees, which address concerns in specific subject areas and provide their recommendations to the full Board for action.

The MCMCA is served by an EMS Medical Director, Richard L. Tomacari, D.O., and an Assistant EMS Medical Director, Michael L. Mlsna, M.D. The MCMCA provides the Marquette County Protocols and Procedures, to which all EMS agencies in the area are held accountable. It is the EMS agency’s responsibility to assure that all providers on the service are familiar with the local protocols, procedures and policies, in addition to annual reviews of competency.