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Patient Mail System


Do you know a patient at Marquette General Hospital? Now you can send patients at MGHS a secure patient mail.  Remember you must provide certain information in the patient mail so we can deliver it to the correct person.


Since this patient mail will be printed, no music or animation will be allowed.


If you have any questions or comments about the patient mail service please contact our web team.


Send a Patient some e-mail



Send your patient mail



Please note we make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of your message, but cannot guarantee it, since it may be seen by a staff member who handles your message. Any patient mails containing inappropriate communication will be destroyed and not delivered to a patient of Marquette General Hospital. Further, given the confidentiality of patient information, Marquette General Hospital can not guarantee or assume responsibility that patient mail has been delivered either due to the patient's condition or the patient's departure from the Health System. Your message will usually be delivered within 24 hours of receipt.


Patients have the right to refuse any patient mail.


In accordance with HIPAA privacy regulations, you must know the patient’s full name (first, and last) or your patient mail may not be delivered.
Patients will not be able to respond to your mail messages through this service.

Marquette General Hospital assumes no liability of any kind for the patient mail and information contained in the patient mail sent to patients. 


If you have any questions or comments about the patient mail service please contact our web team.


Send your patient mail



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