Emergency Department


Any Emergency, Any Urgency, Any Time - One Destination


Marquette General's Emergency Department


Emergency Department and ExpressCare Walk-in Clinic


Upon arrival each patient’s name and basic information is entered in the computerized patient tracking system. Patients are triaged by a registered nurse in a private triage room.


The Emergency Department is managed by 9 emergency medicine specialists, the majority of whom are board certified in Emergency Medicine. The department is also staffed with physician assistants, nurses and ancillary staff, who specialize in emergency care.


Computerized patient tracking provides patient location and test status for all emergency patients from any terminal in the Emergency Department. In critical situations physicians can place orders while at the patient’s bedside. Electronic documentation allows efficient access to critical medical information. Patients are discharged with easy to read electronic prescriptions and discharge instructions.


Emergency physicians trained in hyperbaric medicine treat patients with hyperbaric oxygen for a variety of problems, including carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness (the bends), and problematic wounds. This is the only hyperbaric chamber north of Milwaukee, WI.


The Emergency Department connects to the rest of the hospital campus on the third level, with easy access to the Skywalk.


Services -


* 2 trauma rooms / 4 beds

*4 private cardiac rooms

*4 private exam rooms

*2 private OB/GYN rooms

*1 private ENT room

* X-ray & emergency ultrasound conveniently located within the Emergency Department.


* Statscan - total body imaging, located within the Emergency Department, can scan the entire body in 13 seconds. The Emergency Department physicians determine which patients are appropriate for Statscan. Marquette General is one of only a handful of hospitals in the nation to have Statscan imaging.