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Physicians and Their Training

Patients frequently have questions about physicians and their training. This directory is designed to provide you with information about the members of the medical staff at Marquette General Hospital and to assist you in choosing a physician.

Doctors are granted medical staff privileges only after a stringent review of their credentials, training and experience, and a vote by the other members of the medical staff. The credentialing process at Marquette General is so thorough that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations has referred other hospitals to MGH for assistance in setting up similar programs.

Each physician completes four years of  medical school .  An additional 3-5 years of specialty training ( residency ) is then undertaken in their chosen field.

Physicians are board eligible in a given specialty or subspecialty after completing specific prerequisites which usually include the completion of a residency and a minimum number of years in practice in the specialty. Upon the successful completion of very rigid examinations, the physician becomes board certified.

In addition, a physician may choose to complete a fellowship during or after the residency. As a general rule, a fellowship provides an opportunity for additional study in a more specialized area and leads to subspecialty certification as is the case with a hand specialist or a vascular surgeon.

A fellowship for further study is not to be confused with being a fellow of, for example, the American College of Surgeons. The requirements to become a fellow vary from specialty to specialty, but as a general rule, each physician must be board certified in the appropriate specialty and meet certain qualifications in terms of continuing medical education and experience.


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