A listing of physicians on active staff at Marquette General Hospital, physicians employed as part of the MGH Provider Network throughout the U.P. and physician assistants on the MGH medical staff.

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Acharya, Sheetal MDMedical OncologyMarquette
Addison, James R MDEmergency MedicineMarquette
Alexander, Nicole MDIntensivist, Critical Care MedicineMarquette
Ananich, Marina MDRadiologyMarquette
Anderson, Cindy S M.D., M.S.Internal Medicine, PediatricsMarquette
Arnoldus, Christina MDRadiologyMarquette
Asmus, Victoria PA-CSurgery, OrthopaedicMarquette
Atkins, Jennifer MDPediatricsMarquette
Baldwin, Jennifer P MD, FAADDermatologyMarquette
Bambach, Gregory MDSurgery, General, TraumaMarquette
Bartlett, John P MDInternal Medicine & PediatricsMarquette
Beerman, Amanda L MSN, FNPInterventional Radiology, Physician AssistantMarquette
Bjork, Cary M MDInternal Medicine, Clinical DensitometryMarquette
Blotter, Robert MDOrthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Hand SurgeryMarquette
Bohl, Ginger MDHospitalistMarquette
Bolmer, Amy MDMedical OncologySault Ste. Marie
Boyd, Donna J MDAnesthesiologyMarquette
Brayden, Gail P MD, FACCCardiologyMarquette
Brundavanam, Chaitanya MDHospitalistsMarquette
Brzezinski, Joseph F MDPediatricsMarquette
Bulinski, Patrick P MDSurgery, General, TraumaMarquette
Buran, Kenneth MDGastroenterology, Digestive HealthMarquette
Busser-DeMarte, Heather Psy.DPsychologyMarquette
Clarke, Suzanne M MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Coccia, Craig T MDNeurosurgery, Spine SurgeryMarquette
Colligan, Matthew B DOSurgery Orthopaedic, Sports MedicineMarquette
Conklin, Jeffrey MDAnatomic and Clinical PathologyMarquette
Cook, Robert MD, FACOGObstetrics/GynecologyMarquette
Cook, Robin D MDEmergency MedicineMarquette
Cools, Joseph M MDPsychiatry, AdultMarquette
Cowan, Mark D MD, FACC, FACPCardiology, Clinical Cardiac ElectrophysiologyMarquette
Dahlin, John MDRadiologyMarquette
Danek, Steven J MD, FACP, FCCPRespiratory Medicine, Internal MedicineMarquette
Dank, Joel MDFamily MedicineNegaunee
Darr, Francis MDPediatricianGwinn
Davenport, Kenneth A MDOrthopaedic Surgery, Sports MedicineMarquette
Dehlin, Christopher A MDFamily MedicineGwinn
Dehlin, Jennifer MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Dinsmore, Christian M MDNeurologyHancock
Dixon, J Bryan MDSports MedicineMarquette
Doppelt, Jason MDOrthopaedic Surgery, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Sports MedicineMarquette
Dosh, Kristofer M.D., FACCCardiologyMarquette
Dosh, Steven MDInternal MedicineEscanaba
Dosh, Tyanne MDPsychiatryMarquette
Doughty, Scott MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Duelge, Jason Oncology, RadiationIron Mountain
Edunuri, Krishna MDHospitalistsMarquette
Edunuri, Shruthi MDInternal Medicine, NephrologyMarquette
Edwards, Ryan D MDSurgery, General, TraumaMarquette
Eiben, Carl F MD, AAPM, AAPM&RPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain ManagementMarquette
El Naggar, Safaa MDRadiologyMarquette
Eldevick, Karen L MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Emerson, T Scott MD, FACEP, FACMTEmergency MedicineMarquette
English, Wayne J MD, FACSSurgery, Bariatric, TraumaMarquette
Evonich, Rudolph F MDCardiac Electrophysiology, Clinical, CardiologyMarquette
Fletemier, Amy L MDFamily Medicine, Travel medicineMarquette
Folker, Randy MDOtolaryngologyMarquette
Frantz, Nancy DOPediatricsMarquette
Frei, Julia I DO, PhDPediatrics, NeonatologyMarquette
Friesen, Gary M MD, FACCCardiologyMarquette
Gallagher, James W DPMSurgery, Foot and Ankle, PodiatryMarquette
Gamber, Carol MDPsychiatry, AdultMarquette
Geissler, Mark S MD, PCPlastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery, Micro-Vascular Cosmetic SurgeryMarquette
Gencheff, Nelson E DOCardiologyMarquette
Gephart, Jeff F MD, FACPInfectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Travel MedicineMarquette
Ghiardi, Greg J MDAnesthesiologyMarquette
Godec, Emily MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Gostenik, Kevin RadiologyMarquette
Gowda, Santosh M.D.Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal MedicineEscanaba
Grant, David MDEmergency MedicineMarquette
Griffin, Erica J MDFamily Medicine, Bariatric MedicineMarquette
Griffith, Brian D MDInternal Medicine, Intensivist, Respiratory Medicine, Critical Care MedicineMarquette
Groeneveld, John R MDFamily MedicineKingsford
Grosvenor, Stephanie DOObstetrics/GynecologyMarquette
Gupta, Pratap C MDNeurologyMarquette
Hagle, Scott M MDEmergency MedicineMarquette
Haider, Mohammed MDNephrology, Internal MedicineSault Ste. Marie
Hall, John W MDUrologyPetoskey
Hanumaiah, Raghu MDHospitalistsMarquette
Hardie, Daniel MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Harl, Michael MDSurgery, Plastic and Reconstructive, Hand SurgeryMarquette
Harmon, Marilyn PA-CGynecologyMarquette
Hashem, Mohammed MDInternal MedicineSault Ste Marie
Heichel, David J MDOtolaryngologyMarquette
Hendrickson, Melissa PA-CSurgery, GeneralMarquette
Henry, Heidi MDRadiologyMarquette
Heron, James J MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Herzog, Dennis A MD, PCDermatologyMarquette
Heslip, Michelle NPHospitalistMarquette
Hill, Karl A PsyDPsychologyMarquette
Himes, J Marc MDInternal Medicine, NephrologyMarquette
Hoenke, Frederick P MDFamily Medicine, GeriatricsMarquette
Holzgang, Anthony J MDGeriatric PsychiatryMarquette
Houle, Jorrie DOObstetrics/GynecologyMarquette
Houle, Katherine MSN, C-FNP, CNN-NPNephrology, Internal MedicineMarquette
Hubert, Roderick L MDInternal MedicineMarquette
Huffman, Thomas F MDInternal Medicine, Clinical DensitometryMarquette
Iskra, Carrie P.A.Orthopedic SurgeryMarquette
Ittner, Eric J MDHospitalistMarquette
Jaecklein, Frederick P MDInternal Medicine, HematologyMarquette
Jahoda, Andrew MDUrologyMarquette
Jameson, Joseph C MD, FACSSurgery, General, TraumaMarquette
Jean, William J MD, FACCCardiologyMarquette
Jentoft, Eric A MDObstetrics/GynecologyMarquette
Johnson, Joel A MD, FACS, PCCardiac, Thoracic, Vascular SurgeryIshpeming
Johnson, Stuart K DOFamily Medicine, Osteopathic Manual MedicineMarquette
Jones, Gregory S PhDHealth PsychologyMarquette
Joseph, Bobby Z MD, FAAAAIAllergy & ImmunologyMarquette
Joseph, Jasmine J MDRheumatology, Internal MedicineMarquette
Karr, Jeffrey MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Kearney, Terrance P DOFamily MedicineIron River
Khan, Yasir MDHospitalistsMarquette
Kirkham, Julianne S PhDNeuropsychologyMarquette
Klamerus, Steven D MDPsychiatry, Child and AdolescentMarquette
Klemme, Kirk R MDAnesthesiology, Emergency MedicineHancock
Kofman, Joav MDNeurologyMarquette
Koivunen, Ray S MDFamily MedicineIron River
Koreshi, Muhammad MDFamily MedicineEscanaba
Koreshi, Sabeen MDFamily MedicineEscanaba
Kosinski, John P MD, FACSSurgery, General, TraumaMarquette
Kroll, Catherine A DO, PCFamily MedicineGwinn
Kroll, Tonia MSN - FNPNeurologyMarquette
Krzymowski, George A MDPathology Anatomic and ClinicalMarquette
Kublin, John G MD, FACSOphthalmologyMarquette
Kuhl, MacKenzie A DOAnesthesiologyMarquette
LaHaye, Paul MDNeurosurgery, Spine SurgeryMarquette
Lackey, Anthony PA-CEmergency MedicineNegaunee
LeGalley, Thomas D MDCardiologyMarquette
Lehtinen, John L MDSports Medicine, Occupational MedicineMarquette
Leonard, Zachary Orthopaedic Surgery, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Sports MedicineMarquette
Leveille, Dennis W DPM, FACFAS, FACFOSurgery, Foot and Ankle, PodiatryMarquette
Lewis, Larry S MD, FACSSurgery, General, TraumaMarquette
Long, Lisa MDHospitalistsMarquette
Longhini, Kimberlee M PASurgery, GeneralMarquette
Longhurst, Jamie DOFamily MedicineGladstone
MacFalda, Brian DONeurologyMarquette
Mackey, Elizabeth DOEmergency MedicineMarquette
Mahler, Kim D DOEmergency MedicineIron River
Marder, Curtis C MD, PCCardiac, Thoracic, Vascular SurgeryMarquette
Matthews, Martin H MDAnatomic and Clinical PathologyMarquette
Mattson, Miles J MD, FACSUrologyMarquette
McCowen, Sandra M.D.Family MedicineMarquette
Meden, Terry A MDPsychiatry, AdultMarquette
Mehall, Christopher J MDInterventional Radiology, Pain ManagementMarquette
Mekala, Bhavani Prasad M.D.Gastroenterology, Digestive HealthMarquette
Meneses, Myrna R MDAllergy, ImmunologyMarquette
Merz, David C MDInfectious Diseases, Internal MedicineMarquette
Miky, Mansour A MD, MSc.Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Occupational Medicine, Pain ManagementMarquette
Morel, Gustavo MDMedical OncologyIron Mountain
Napier, Jerold S MD, FACPInternal Medicine, Nephrology, HospitalistMarquette
Nidiffer, G Michael MD, FAAPPediatricsMarquette
Niemela, John D DPMSurgery, Foot and Ankle, PodiatryMarquette
Olson, Allan L DOFamily MedicineNegaunee
Olson, Kristi R MDFamily MedicineKingsford
Oswald, Ned Emergency MedicineMarquette
Oswald, Theodore MDFamily MedicineBark River
Ouimette, Michael V MDInterventional RadiologyMarquette
Pap, John M MDCardiology, Nuclear Cardiology, Interventional CardiologyMarquette
Papin, Michael M MDPsychiatryMarquette
Patel, Anup MDAnesthesiologyMarquette
Paxson, Charles L MDNeonatologyMarquette
Pearson II, Wallace G MDOrthopaedic Surgery, Sports MedicineMarquette
Peimer, Clayton MDSurgery, HandMarquette
Pesola, David A MDCardiologyMarquette
Picucci, Katie A DOFamily MedicineKingsford
Piggott, Kevin MD, MPHPreventive MedicineMarquette
Politi, Roman MDNeurologyMarquette
Pond, Breanna M MD, FACOGObstetrics/GynecologyMarquette
Pritchett, Sandra RN, MSN, FNP-CSurgery, OrthopaedicMarquette
Quasem, Islam K MDInternal Medicine, Clinical DensitometryMarquette
Ransom, Dana PhDPsychology, AdultMarquette
Reese, Anna E MDHospitalistMarquette
Riesland, Rodney MSN, FNPNeurologyMarquette
Robb, Leslie A MDInternal Medicine, Clinical DensitometryMarquette
Romero, Al MDFamily MedicineEscanaba
Rooney, Sean M MD, PhDOphthalmologyMarquette
Rose, Eric J DO, FACPMOccupational MedicineMarquette
Rovin, Richard A MDNeurosurgery, Spine SurgeryMarquette
Rutkowski, Robert O PA-COrthopaedicMarquette
Ryan, Terence D MDFamily MedicineKingsford
Ryan-Berg, Jan PA-CUrologyEscanaba
Saari, Arthur F MD, FCCPRespiratory Medicine, Internal Medicine, Critical Care MedicineMarquette
Scholnik, Aaron P MDMedical Oncology, HematologyMarquette
Schroeter, Neal J MDEmergency MedicineIronwood
Shahbazi, David C MDFamily Medicine, Travel medicineMarquette
Shanks, Michael J MDRadiologyMarquette
Shearer, Douglas R MDOphthalmologyIshpeming
Shipkey, Jeffrey M DOEmergency MedicineMarquette
Short, Martha J MDInternal Medicine, Clinical DensitometryMarquette
Short, William M MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Siemers, Ross MDMedical OncologyMarquette
Smith, Randolph E MDAnatomic & Clinical PathologyMarquette
Soderberg, Milton D MD, FAAD, PCDermatologyMarquette
Songer, Matthew N MDSurgery, Orthopaedic, Spine SurgeryMarquette
Soto, Flavia Surgery, BariatricMarquette
Stade, Rachael PAOtolaryngologyMarquette
Stahl III, William G MDGastroenterologyMarquette
Stanchina, Richard A DDS, MSOral-Maxillofacial SurgeryMarquette
Steinitz, Hannah PhDNeuropsychology, Pain ManagementMarquette
Stevens, Andrew MDEmergency MedicineMarquette
Stevens, Mark C MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Supron, Matthew M DOAnesthesiologyMarquette
Surrell, James A MD, FACS, FASCRSDigestive HealthMarquette
Swanson, Catherine PA-CCardiologyMarquette
Tabor, Kendall P DPM, FACFSSurgery, Foot and Ankle, PodiatryMarquette
Takala, Gerald M MDFamily MedicineOntonagon
Taylor, Nathan MDHand Surgery, Plastic & Recontructive Surgery, Sports MedicineMarquette
Thieme, Paul O DORadiation OncologyMarquette
Tobin-Anderson, Mary L MDFamily MedicineGwinn
Todd, Eric MDUrologyMarquette
Tomacari, Richard L DOEmergency MedicineMarquette
Ulrickson, Mark W DOOphthalmologyMarquette
Vallin, William C PA-CCardiovascular/Thoracic SurgeryMarquette
Van Howe, Robert S MDPediatricsIshpeming
Vander Schaaf, Lyle MDEmergency MedicineIron River
Verbridge, Steven J DOEmergency MedicineMarquette
Vermeulen, Richard E MDPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationMarquette
van den Ende, Hendrik C MDFamily Medicine, Travel medicineMarquette
Waite, Brian MDFamily MedicineMarquette
Walgren, Meredith C MDPsychiatryMarquette
Wallace, John MDInfectious Diseases, Travel MedicineMarquette
Washnock, Mark A MDAnesthesiologyMarquette
Wautier, Gary PhDPsychologyMarquette
Weatherdon, Brian R PA-COrthopaedicsMarquette
Weise, Amy DOMedical OncologyMarquette
Weiss, John D MDAnatomic and Clinical PathologyMarquette
Wilcox, Cameron MDPsychiatryMarquette
Winkler, Neil R MDOphthalmologyMarquette
Wood Jr, Raymond A DO, FACCCardiologistMarquette
Zahid, Adnan MDHospitalistsMarquette

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