Biological or Chemical Events and Disaster Information


The use of biological or chemical weapons would have a devastating effect on any community. The role of this web site is to ensure that up-to-date and helpful information is posted to help in the event of a Bio terrorism or Disaster event.


In the event of a health-related incident that might affect many people, local health authorities will provide information and instructions to the public through local television, radio stations, newspapers, and the web site.



How to Prepare Yourself and Your Family for a Disaster


Biological Concerns


Pandemic Influenza

A pandemic is a worldwide outbreak of a disease, in this case a new influenza virus, that causes serious illness and spreads easily from person to person. Pandemics can cause high levels of illness, death, disruption of normal life and economic loss.


Pandemic Flu Resource Guide - Michigan Department of Community Health

State of Michigan Pandemic Influenza Web site,1607,7-132-2940_2955_22779_40567-138344---,00.html

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Information

Planning Checklist for Family and Individuals

Family Emergency Health Sheet

Information on use of Masks and Respirators by general public during a Pandemic


Avian Influenza

A type of influenza usually seen in birds which is now causing illness in humans in Asia.


Center for Disease Control (CDC) Information

State of Michigan Information,1607,7-132-2940_2955_22779_40564-138285---,00.html


Bio terrorism Agents


Bullet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Smallpox
Bullet Facts about Botulism - CDC
Bullet Facts about Anthrax - CDC
Bullet Facts about Tularemia - CDC



Sheltering in place


Some kinds of accidents or attacks may make going outdoors dangerous. Leaving the area might take too long or put you in harm’s way. In such a case it may be safer for you to stay indoors than to go outside.


“Shelter in place” means to make a shelter out of the place you are in. It is a way for you to make the building as safe as possible to protect yourself until help arrives. You should not try to shelter in a vehicle unless you have no other choice. Vehicles are not airtight enough to give you adequate protection from chemicals.


Every emergency is different and during any emergency people may have to evacuate or to shelter in place depending on where they live.


Chemical Event - Sheltering in Place

American Red Cross Fact Sheet - Sheltering in Place

More Information on Sheltering in Place



Radiation Emergencies


Frequently Asked Questions about a Radiation Emergency

Provides updated FAQ's.


Sheltering in Place during a Radiation Emergency
This fact sheet contains information to help protect yourself and your
family and to help you prepare a safe and well-stocked shelter.




Preparing for a Terrorist Bombing: A Common Sense Approach