What to bring and Not to bring....

Valuables, Medications and Personal Supplies


  • The hospital cannot be responsible for valuables or other personal items taken to your room. Please tell the admitting clerk or nurse if you have any items of value that can't be sent home with a family member.  These items will be placed in the hospital safe.  You will be given a receipt, and a form will be filed in your chart.  Valuables can be claimed from Patient Access by presenting the chart copy of the valuables form.

Medications & Allergies
  • Please bring a complete list of the medications you take at home and the instructions listed on the label. The list should include all over the counter medications and herbal supplements. A list of your allergies is also needed. Click here to view and print a medication & allergy form.

Personal supplies
  • Please do not bring electrical appliances such as razors, hair dryers, curling irons or radios. Please ask your nurse about using these items.
  • Please bring your own shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, and any other personal care items (except perfumes) that you may need while hospitalized.
  • You should bring other essential toilet articles, a robe and slippers.  The hospital supplies gowns and pajamas, but you may bring your own if you prefer.

Advanced Directives
  • You should provide a copy of your Advanced Directive to the hospital when you come. Click here for more information on Advanced Directive